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Volunteer Youth Mentoring

Do you remember who has faith in you? A mentor can be defined as a safe, adult friend who is a good role model. They are usually viewed as more experienced and stable; an individual who seeks to further the development of character and competence in a younger person and helps them to build confidence and improve self-esteem.

We all remember the adults that helped shape us into who we’ve become. Parents As Partners & Co. Inc.… encourages everyday community members to do the extraordinary by becoming a mentor! Welcome a young person into your routine- play cards, ride a bike, go to the movies, and try community activities- together! The vision of PAP Volunteer Youth Mentoring Program is to establish positive, healthy, and productive mentoring matches that will enhance the young person’s social and emotional outcomes. We are focused on positive youth development and evidenced-based mentoring practices. Mentees of our mentoring program goals are to build self-confidence, practice healthy relationships, and identify positive members and organizations within their local communities. Our Volunteer Youth Mentoring Program matches youth between the ages of 5 and 13 with a volunteer adult mentor. The pair is scheduled to meet up 4 or more hours each month to establish a one-to-one relationship that over a year’s time matures into a genuine, caring friendship.

Consistency is the key to a successful relationship. Our mentor’s job is to make sure the mentee is safe during all community activities and safely returns home after. Whatever mentees share with mentors is strictly confidential unless mentors believe the mentee may/ will harm themselves or someone else. Communicate with the program staff .A mentor is not expected to be rich and giving money away to the mentees’, however, most likely will be spend some money, depend on the outing/occasion. Our mentors like the individuals and families we serve come will come from a variety of backgrounds and professions such as social worker, law, small business, government, electrical, education, and more! Whether it’s taking a walk in the park, watching a movie, cooking or just talking on the phone – when you take time out of your day to enrich the life of a child, you’re making a real difference. To meet the qualification;

  • Mentors should have a genuine interest in helping to improve the lives of young people
  • Mentors are ages 21 and older
  • No criminal background and be able to pass a level 2 background screening check
  • 4 References (2 personal, 1 professional, 1 community-based)
  • Applicants must complete a written application and interview
  • Applicants must complete a face to face Mentor Orientation/interview
  • Mentor get to spend time with some really kind young people
  • Excellent match-support with program staff
  • Free tickets, passes, and information about activities happening in the communities of South Florida
  • Best practice training and enrichment opportunities

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Volunteer Youth Mentoring

Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. Is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. (PAP) Aims to empower children and families throughout South Florida with skills and resources to live a healthier life. Our logo uses holding hands to help connect, reconnect and restore children and families relationships in the community. Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. (PAP) | 8947 NE 4th Avenue Miami, FL 33138 | Phone: (305) 697-6864 Fax: (305) 697-6934