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My name is Natasha Jean and I come to Miami from Haiti with my two children in 2008. After five years living in the United States my husband divorced me and married to someone else. After our divorced I become depressed and lost my job. My ex-husband, the father of my two children refuses to help me financially with the children which forced me to look into working a second job. Working two jobs I was barely home and had to leave my children from different places so I can go to work and provide for them. One day a friend of mine told me about a program called Parents as Partners & Co. Inc. She provided me with one of the staff contact information; I contacted him and scheduled an appointment. This was a must needed meeting. This man was supportive and made me feel very comfortable speaking to him. My world began to expand as child care services were offered to me for free. This man was also able help me and my two children father works in our difference. My children father is now helping me with the children financially and he also pick them up every other weekend. Because of this man help I was able to quit one of the jobs and enrolled in an ESOL program (English for speakers of other languages). Thanks to this man and his program now I’m able to speak, read and write English and able to spend more time with my children. I thank God every day that I found out about Parents As Partners & Co Inc. and the programs and services they offer. I only wish I knew about them sooner.
Thank you Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. for being there and providing so much help to our community.

Natasha Jean

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Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. Is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. (PAP) Aims to empower children and families throughout South Florida with skills and resources to live a healthier life. Our logo uses holding hands to help connect, reconnect and restore children and families relationships in the community. Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. (PAP) | 8947 NE 4th Avenue Miami, FL 33138 | Phone: (305) 697-6864 Fax: (305) 697-6934