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Planned Parenting (PP)

Planned Parenting is a safe space program for parents, couples and co-parents to work together in the best interest of their children. It’s a 12 sessions (one per week) program that is led by trained professional workers who work with both parents to foster long lasting change. Planned Parenting is a service for parents, whether living together, separated, divorced, following civil partnership dissolution, or in blended families, who are having difficulty parenting their children co-operatively and are in conflict over parenting issues. This program looks at the whole family, not just the relationship between parents and their children.

Program outcomes

During sessions you will be working on your relationship, yourself, exploring family patterns, as well as improving your parenting skills and helping your child succeed. At time you will require to attend a few sessions with the other parent, even if you are no longer together as a couple. In the sessions there will be a mix of creative activities, video clips and discussions, input from the facilitator and space to talk about the things that are important for you and your child. The meeting is a safe space to explore things that might be difficult and sad, as well as a space for lively discussion, fun and at time meeting other people who might be going through similar situations.

How does it help?

  • Parents as Partner & Co. Inc. have proven results in helping
  • Reunified siblings and families
  • Strengthen your family relationships and improve your child's wellbeing and success.
  • Manage the challenges and stress of family life.
  • Reduce conflict in your relationship.

Benefits of this program

This program is for parents with at least one child under 12 years old. Free childcare is available during sessions. Parents must be at least 18 years of age. To take part in the program you don't have to be living with your partner, or be in a current relationship, but you do need to be willing to talk together about how you would like to bring up your children.


Planned Parenting (PP)


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