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Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. (PAP), a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to assist with the constructive improvement of the lives of South Florida children and families and the less fortunate. This organization aims to provide services to at risk families. The services provided is in efforts to feed, rebuilt, reconnect, empower, educate, bring joy, hope and assist with decreasing the number of family breakdown in our community. Our services includes outreach, feed the homeless¬† and advocacy role for children and their families through community education activities, interfacing with other advocates and funders of children's programs, and linking resources with other organizations. It is our desire to continue to find research and appropriate resources that would eventually assist with enriching the lives of the family we served.


Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. is committed to create a culture that encourages parents to work together to solve problems within themselves with the hope to improve their children well being and success.


We are motivated by our motto of being the community sanctuary; building families and changing lives. We are devoted in helping children and families help themselves to live a better life and build a stronger community.


Planned Parenting (PP)


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Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. Is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. (PAP) Aims to empower children and families throughout South Florida with skills and resources to live a healthier life. Our logo uses holding hands to help connect, reconnect and restore children and families relationships in the community. Parents As Partners & Co. Inc. (PAP) | 8947 NE 4th Avenue Miami, FL 33138 | Phone: (305) 697-6864 Fax: (305) 697-6934